Network Engineer by profession. Seasonal blogger, bookworm, fitness freak, always learning new stuff.

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Never stop learning, there is no finish line

My name is Lalit.

I am a Network Engineer specialized in Unified Communications with a good amount of knowledge on various networking related topic. Jack of all master of ONE.
I have worked for Service provider and currently working for a large enterprise based in Pune, India. I do Project and Ops both as part of my job. Please check my LinkedIn profile for more details.

This blog site is to share my learning with others. My way to contribute or give back to the community. I will be glad if I am able to help anyone in their journey. If you find my blogs helpful or terrible in either case, please give me feedback. You can write a comment or DM me on LinkedIn.

Thoughts are my own and doesn’t represent my Employer.

I will write about:

  • My learning/Cert journey and resource details I use for it.
  • Technical deep dives.
  • Quick How to-do documents.
  • My thoughts on non-tech topics ( Human side of tech).

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